Mirror Dress

Mirror Dress
  • Mirror Dress
  • Mirror Dress
  • Mirror Dress
  • Mirror Dress

Mirror Dress, mirror Skirt, Mirror costumes, mirror jacket, mirror pants

  • Product No.: M-01


Mirror dress, Mirror Costumes, Disco ball Mirror performance dress

1. Silver Breathable fabric
2. Silver Arcylic mirror, those mirrors only looks like a real mirror, very shiny , but it is hard to break or split it, 
we cut it with a laser. We make round edges, so you can't cut yourself with this mirror, and the weight is much lighter
than real glass mirror, which makes it possible to wear a suit  for performance.
3.  Mirror color: Silver  or Golden optional.

The costumes including-
1. Mirror hat or silver hair
2. Mirror mask
3. Mirror long dress
4. Silver color Gloves
5. Spare parts & repair kit

We provide full personalization
1. Costumes size
2. Costumes design
3. Mirror shape
4. Mask design


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